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Quads / ATVs
shock covers for quads and atvs

Shock covers ATV and quad shock covers are designed to add to the life of your shocks by protecting them from rocks, dirt and grime. They are available in several colors and graphic combinations - including custom covers that can tailored to your liking. Shox Skinz quad/atv covers are sold in sets of 3 (2 front and 1 rear) for $39.95.

Would you like custom graphics on your shock cover (race team name, logo or sponsor, etc.). We would be more than happy to provide a quote |Click Here|


Choose the color of your cover

Choose the graphic for your cover (custom graphics available in our custom covers section)

Choose the color for the graphic on your shock covers (solid covers, make no selection)

Who is the manufacturer of your vehicle?

What length would you like the covers for your front shocks to be? (Please round to the nearest inch)

What length would you like the rear shock cover to be? (Please round to the nearest inch)

Quantity (sold in sets of 3- each set consists of 2 front covers and 1 rear cover for $39.95)


shock covers with custom graphics

custom size covers

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