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Shock Covers with Custom Graphics
custom shock covers with custom graphics
We can put custom text and graphics on any of our standard sized shock covers. Price will depend on the amount and intricacy of the graphics or text. If you would like a quote on a pair of covers with custom graphics, please fill out the attached quote request and we will provide a cost. If you are requesting something other than a standard size shock cover you will need to fill out the request form for a custom size cover |click here|



Are these for a coil-over shock cover?

What length shock are the covers for?

What color shock cover would you like?

What color would you like the text/graphics on the cover to be?

Please use this section (3 next the questions only if you are requesting multicolor graphics on your cover. We can only do a maximum of 3 colors. Leave the next 3 questions blank if you are requesting only a single color of graphics.

Please type requested color 1 for graphics?

Please type requested color 2 for graphics?

Please type requested color 3 for graphics?

What will the text on the cover say?

Please make any additional comments here that will help us quote your covers.

custom size covers
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