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Custom Shock Covers for any Application
custom shock covers by shox skinz
Shox Skinz can make custom shock covers for any application from the smallest to the largest. We've manufacturerd custom covers for everything from quarter midgets to monster trucks. We offer custom graphics to your specifications. For a quote on your custom shock covers, fill out the online quote form below. We'll e-mail you back a quote. If you like the price, we'll be more than happy to get started on your custom covers.

The first step in designing your custom shock covers is determining the required length and circumference of the covers. These measurements can be easily obtained using the method in the diagram below. Be sure to repeat this process for both front and back shocks. Our custom shock covers are normally sold in a pairs of 2, but are also happy to manufacture them in odd numbers also.

Once you have obtained the measurements for your covers, fill out the form below - including specifics on the color and graphics for your covers. We'll provide a quote a quote to you via e-mail.


Determining shock cover measurements

measure shock length

STEP 1 - Determine Shock Cover Length

The first step is determining the length of your shock cover. This is easily accomplished by measuring the distance you would like covered on the shock. This is best measured with the shock on the bike.

A good rule of thumb is to measure from shock eye to shock eye and subtract 1-1/2 inches.

Repeat this step, recording the desired length for your front shock covers and your rear shock cover.

 measure shock cover circumference

STEP 2 - Determine Shock Cover Circumference

The next step is to determine the distance around (circumference) of the shock covers.

A. Get a piece of paper. In most cases an 8-1/2" x 11" sheet should work fine.

B. Wrap the sheet around the shock as shown in the diagram to the left.

C. With a pencil mark the sheet where the two pieces of paper intersect as shown in the diagram to the left.

D. Measure the distance from the end of the paper to your pencil mark. This is the circumference or distance around for your shock cover.

E. Repeat this step, recording the desired distance for your front and rear shocks.

Quoting Your Custom Shock Covers
Quoting your custom shock covers is quick and easy. Just fill out the form below and click 'Request Quote'. We'll e-mail you a quote and estimated production time. If you like the price and would like to proceed, just drop us an e-mail back letting us know - and we'll get thing rolling.



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